Colwall Greener Eco Festival

12th November 2022 11:00-16:00

Colwall Village Hall
Primary School

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"Our Village - Our Planet". Join us for this free event to see what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and increase biodiversity locally. Actions don't need to cost the earth and may save you money.

There will be a wide variety of stalls, demonstrations, children's activities and talks about what people can do to safeguard our world. And not forgetting free Tea and Cake and the chance to support the local Explorer Scouts by buying soup and a roll. Read on to see who will be attending.

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Reducing your carbon footprint



Zero Waste

Looking After Nature

Using your voice

Children's Activities in the Primary School Hall

Program of Talks in the Jean Simon's Room

11:30 Creating Wildflower Meadows and Gardens. (Lindsay Williams)
12:15 Retrofitting: How to make your house use less energy - HGN Building Sense
13:00 A wilder Herefordshire for people and nature. (Sarah King - Herefordshire Wildlife Trust)
13:45 Future Proofing your Property (Peter Speakman - Caplor Energy)
14:30 Greening your Finances - what does it mean and is it really possible? (Joanna Coull - Green Investing Ltd )
15:15 What can I do about the climate and nature crisis? - (Helen Heathfield - Green Party)

Videos of the talks

Videos of the talks can be found on our You Tube channel.

Spiritual Zone in St Crispin's Chapel

Responding spiritually to the climate crisis
12:00 and 14:00 30 minute meditations led by Reverend Melanie Horton


Colwall Village, Colwall Primary school and St Crispin's Chapel are all in Mill Lane WR13 6EQ and share a large car park. They are a 12 minute walk from the Railway Station and 1 minute from the bus stop in Walwyn Road.

Program of Talks on other days

Ale House - Tuesday 18th October (Colwall Greener)
What can I do about the climate and nature crisis?
Talk by Helen Heathfield of the Green Party
Colwall Village Hall - Monday 14th November (Colwall Village Society)
Kerbside Recycling - Why is it changing, What happens to our rubbish?
Colwall Park Hotel - Wednesday 16th November (Colwall Wings)
Talk about Colwall Greener and
a stall from Hunky Dorey : Eclectic Items from the past and present
Ale House - Tuesday 6th December
It's Christmas - How to have an Eco-friendly Christmas

Assistance Dogs are welcome, but please leave your other animals at home.

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